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Biodiesel by Mail

5 Gallon Container $42 plus shipping and handling Also available by mail or personal delivery: 55 gallon drums and 300 gallon totes. Please contact us for price. 5 Gallons By Mail $75.00 USD

TDI Event Successful

Saturday, July 12th, Joe Renwick of Midlands Biofuels hosted a TDI and Mercedes Benz GTG get together. Enthusiasts from all over the Southeast came to downtown Winnsboro for this annual event.

Midlands BioFuels Graduates!

In 2008, Midlands Biofuels was accepted into the University of South Carolina’s Technology Incubator Program. The Technology Incubator was established in 1998 and currently 50 companies are enrolled.

Waste Cooking Oil – Recycle in SC

Waste cooking oil – we all use it. Whether you fry at home or you enjoy grabbing that tasty chicken sandwich while you are out and about, you helped create waste cooking oil. Why is it important to recycle waste cooking oil? Because it clogs water lines and contaminates natural waterways. The City of Columbia…