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Bio4Edu Interns Spring 2020, Part 2

Wastewater Treatment Team  University of South Carolina Aiken, Andrew Hutto, Bradley Jones, Savannah Lawson, and Michael Wilson  Currently, Green Energy Biofuel plant in Aiken is not able to process the wastewater from their plant enough to be able to safely release it into the local sewer system.  The plant sends its wastewater to the wastewater…

Bio4Edu Interns Spring 2020, Part 1

Marketing Team  University of South Carolina, Georgia Mayes, Nichole Jacildone, and Kiersten Chiles With Green Energy Biofuel growing as a company, so is the need for continuous changes and updates to programs and events that are offered. The Spring 2020 social media team consisted of three students from the University of South Carolina who combined…