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Grease Trap Cleaning 

Any commercial kitchen needs grease traps to prevent harmful greases from accumulating. A capture system keeps fats and oils out of the drainage system, where they could block the system.

Grease traps can become ineffective if they are clogged with grease very rapidly. As grease accumulates, it can become very difficult to dispose of and cause unpleasant odors.

GE Bioguel provides grease trap cleaning services that are reliable and responsive. To ensure minimal disruption to your business, we provide our services at times convenient to you.

Every grease trap cleaning in Augusta, ga, will ensure that the grease is removed thoroughly and efficiently. A full range of grease trap cleaning and disposal techniques are available to our grease trap professionals. We dispose of grease in an environmentally friendly, safe manner with our grease trap cleaners.

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Process of Grease Tarp Cleaning at Green Energy Biofuel 

  • Grease trap cleaning in Charlotte, NC, depends on trap size, grease volume, and local ordinances.
  • As a preventative measure, we set up an ongoing grease maintenance schedule.
  • To minimize business interruptions, service is provided during non-peak hours.
  • During grease trap cleaning in Spartanburg, SC, we remove both the FOG and sludge layers.
  • A technician checks each trap and notes potential issues such as broken tee pipes, baffles, and manhole covers.
  • We provide you with a complete record of your service
  • To prevent food and cooking grease from clogging kitchen drains, we provide training and best practices to our employees
  • Whenever possible, materials not used for energy generation are disposed of in a licensed facility in a legal and ethical manner 

Reasons to Choose Green Energy Biofuel for Grease Pumping. 

Sustainable practices

We strive to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. Zero-waste processes ensure that your choices are sustainable and safe. We process traceable waste. GE Biofuel service calls are scaled efficiently so that we can route them effectively.

Affordable and reliable services

Transport and logistics of the highest quality. We offer the largest service footprint and a modern truck fleet at an affordable price. With GE Biofuel, you get exactly that.

Trusted people and a proven track record

Investing in the right equipment, personnel, and processes enable us to meet the highest standards. Our team is certified. We have certified and trained members on our team. GE Biofuel provides worker and service insurance.  

Bylaws and regulations are covered.

Our responsibility is to stay connected to regulatory bodies and cities to ensure our grease trap cleaning in Columbia, SC, complies with bylaws. Keeping you informed is our business, so you don’t have to worry and can focus on what you do best.

What happens when Grease Traps are not serviced regularly?

Unkempt grease traps can make the difference between a flourishing business and rundown one 

The grease trap keeps your wastewater disposal system clean by collecting grease and other fatty wastes for proper disposal. Without routine servicing and removal of grease waste buildup, your building may begin experiencing problems that will only become more serious without treatment as grease waste accumulates in the trap.

The grease trap system can be cleaned yourself, but calling the qualified technicians at GE Biofuel for a professional grease trap service is often easier and safer than doing it yourself. However, before you start routinely grease trap pumping in Spartanburg, sc, you should understand how it works and why keeping it in good working order is so important.

  • Businesses can be negatively affected. 
  • It can have a widespread damaging impact
  • Bacteria and toxins live in it
  • A harmful effect on the environment can be caused 
  • There is a violation of the Health Code

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Reasons to Choose Green Energy Biofuel for Grease Pumping.

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