Green Energy Biofuel

Cooking Oil Collection

Get Paid for your Restaurant Waste Cooking Oil

Green Energy BioFuel keeps it simple, safe and superior.

  1. We offer above average rebates for each gallon we collect to ensure customer satisfaction. Some exclusions apply.
  2. Rebate checks are mailed out quarterly.
  3. We have a large fleet of trucks that crisscross Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee
  4. We solve issues as soon as they arrive within our 72hr emergency service window guaranteed.
  5. We also offer grease trap pumpingpressure washing and hydro line jetting services.
  6. We even provide a specialized collection container at no cost to you.
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Our Collection Containers

We provide grease collection bins for your use. We designed and built these used cooking oil containers.

They were developed and tested specifically to prevent spills and remain clean, and our containers are the easiest to use in the industry.

Cooking Oil Grease Containers

Get Paid For Your Grease

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