Green Energy Biofuel

Green Energy Biofuel Warrenville, SC

Green Energy Biofuel continues to grow!  Our Warrenville, South Carolina plant is our centrally located hub for operations. GEB Warrenville is the production workhorse of Green Energy Biofuel. This is our main location for our zero waste solutions company where all raw materials and collections go to be processed. These end products are shipped worldwide.

Green Energy Biofuel Warrenville is the artery of administrative operations. Our locally owned business includes many key players contributing their expertise throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. Our Warrenville location employs 25-30 team members. 

Warrenville Service Areas

We maintain a responsive used oil collections and transportation fleet at Green Energy Biofuel Warrenville. Our plant also includes rail service capabilities for inbound and outbound shipments.

Our used cooking oil collections, and industrial waste management service area includes South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky.

Green Energy Biofuel Warrenville Services

Our services at Green Energy Biofuel Warrenville include our commercial depackaging services, Food Waste Collections, used restaurant oil collections, and industrial cleaning services. Our state of the art zero waste depackaging service is only offered at this location. 

We also produce feed stock for renewal diesel, biodiesel and sustainable aviation fuel and compost feedstock. This end product is shipped around the world, offering zero waste solutions for our community!

depackager industial services warrenville, sc

About Green Energy Biofuel

Green Energy Biofuel is the leading zero waste solution company in South Carolina. In 2023 we celebrate 15 years serving the southeast United States.  We ship feedstock and end products around the world!

What began as a dream in a garage, GEB is now a thriving green technology company. Currently GEB has 3 locations with plans to expand. In 2022 Green Energy Biofuel received the award for #1 Large Growth Small Company in South Carolina

When we began this journey we were making biofuel one gallon at a time. Pretty soon commercial and industrial vendors sought us out for additional services due to our unparalleled customer care. We are dedicated to providing each valued customer with the attention and quality of service we hope to receive.

We offer grease trap cleaning for restaurants! It is just one of the industrial cleaning services we specialize in.

Green Energy Biofuel Recycler of the year

Today Green Energy Biofuel is a recognized leader in the Carolinas. Our dedication to innovation and growing the area economy is intrinsic in our business model.  In 2022 the Carolina Recycling Association awarded GEB and its sister company Resoil Compost the 2022 Annual Recycling Award for advancing zero landfill solutions through vertical integration.

Innovation is a core value at Green Energy Biofuel. We constantly strive to improve and grow our business through innovation. We now offer large scale food manufacturers a solution for food waste.  Our Depackaging Service is just one way we are working to upcycle food waste, recycle packaging and Rethink Sustainability!

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