7 Signs That It’s Time to Schedule Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

An unclean grease trap inside a restaurant could cause many problems since it can lead to many issues and could even land your company in problems at the health department. If your restaurant is shut down through the health department, it can be difficult to convince customers to return. 

This is why it’s essential to ensure that every area of your establishment is clean with grease trap pumping in Charlotte, NC, but the grease trap is one of the most neglected elements. The trap could appear innocent until it spills grease everywhere or releases unpleasant odors that can be a problem for your patrons.

Watch out for these 7 signs To know when the grease trap needs to be cleaned. 

Check out these 7 signs that your restaurant requires grease trap cleaning in rock hill, sc before it gets out of hand:

  • Strong Smell

Rot occurs when microorganisms consume this waste over time. Grease traps emit a noxious odor as a result. Kitchen fumes can cause health risks, and strong smells are not desirable.  The bad smell will disappear by grease trap cleaning in Greenville, sc. If you notice unpleasant odors, schedule a service right away.

  • Slow Drainage

Dirty grease traps don’t function well once they start to fill up. If the grease drain has formed a strong cap on the grease on the high end of your trap, it will be similar to any other pipe inside your restaurant. Water and other substances will also be more difficult to flow through.

If you experience slow drainage, it is an excellent chance you’ve exceeded your drains’ limit. You should get your grease trap cleaned and maintained.

  • Water Not Flowing to the Sewer

When the tap is on, look into the grease trap. There is a good chance that the water does not flow, so it means that you need grease trap pumping in Augusta, ga. The problem can, however, worsen if left unattended for a long time, causing a larger problem that could have been prevented.

  • Greasy Spots in Unusual Places

The restaurant’s grease trap can separate oil and fats from kitchen waste. However, it can do so only if it has enough space to hold the grease caught. The most serious issue could occur when the trap is full and unable to hold additional waste. The grease flowing down the drain will not be able to settle into the trap but will seek out ways to escape.

It is possible to find grease in the drain, sink, water pipes, and other plumbing components. If you spot grease deposits in these places, you’ve likely got a full trap for grease that needs cleaning. Examine it right away and set it up for cleaning.

  • Grease Mass is More than 25% of the Waste Water.

Solids and grease should be cleaned from your grease trap if their depth exceeds 25%. A grease trap that has been cleaned professionally is both economical and unchallenging in this range.

Your kitchen may be interrupted or slowed down if there is too much fat, oils, and grease (FOG) in the container. EPA rules require grease trap pumping in rock hill, sc, if they are 25% full for health and safety reasons. Maintaining a grease trap checklist is essential to avoiding exceeding the minimum. Without it, you’ll have more problems.

  • A Huge Amount of Food Solids in the Trap

If you look into your great trap, you will see many food solids blocking the water from moving freely under the trap. This indicates that the system needs to be cleaned, so if there is any, it’s an indication that it’s time to do so.

  • You Cannot Remember the Last Time You Had Them Cleaned.

Sometimes, all that you need is time. When was the last time you had your grease trap cleaned correctly?

If you’re struggling to remember or haven’t been able to remember for more than 3 months (90 days), It could be time to get it cleaned.

The best practices suggest grease trap cleaning in charlotte, NC, should be performed at least every three months. If you own a restaurant with many customers and have many customers, you might need to clean the trap more often, at least once a month.

This way, you can not only stay clear of problems with grease traps but also keep your kitchen according to EPA as well as Health Department standards for grease-trap cleaning. 

Don’t Delay. Clean Your Grease Trap Today with Green Energy Biofuel.

A restaurant that waits one more day to have services for grease trap pumping in Greenville, sc, may suffer catastrophic results.

Your kitchen may be exposed to environmental hazards, not to mention financial losses. If the mess isn’t cleaned up promptly, you may have to close temporarily, and you’ll have to spend so much on emergency services that you could have avoided.

Make sure your restaurant meets standards because you take pride in it. 

It’s best to hire a professional to work on your grease trap. Make sure you hire a professional when you need grease trap cleaning in Spartanburg, sc, whether you need a replacement or a cleaning.

You can trust GE Biofuel to maintain and service grease traps. Let us know how we can help you today! We will ensure your kitchen systems are working properly so your operations won’t be affected.