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Grease Pumping

Keeping grease traps properly maintained prevents grease from entering the city sewer system. Since grease clogs sanitary sewer lines and ultimately causes line blockages, grease is a leading cause of sewer overflows. 

Grease Trap Pumping 

The priority of any restaurant or kitchen establishment is to prevent this by effective grease pumping in Augusta, GA. An overflow negatively impacts the reputation of the establishment and disrupts business operations.

The grease pumping and grease trap cleaning in Greenville, SC will prevent major problems from arising and damaging your business. The accumulation of grease in a trap or tank can cause clogs and backups into the restaurant or building if it is not regularly pumped.

GE Biofuel provides grease trap service with a licence and knowledge to prevent any issues or potential shutdowns related to overflows or citations.  

Grease Disposable 

Grease trap pumping in Augusta, GA aims to prevent the backup of water and other debris due to a grease buildup in your drainage system. The clog caused by grease in your traps can result in your water not draining appropriately. You will likely end up with a tricky, problematic backup situation. You can prevent this by regularly scheduling grease pumping from GE Biofuel.

The restaurant industry, in particular, relies on clean grease traps to efficiently run their operations. You can count on GE Biofuel for grease trap maintenance. For grease pumping in Rrock Hhill, SC, contact us today.

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Grease Pumping Services for Commercial and Residential Kitchens

The maintenance schedule for your kitchen may vary from 90 to 120 days, depending on how your kitchen runs. Those with smaller traps may know the signs indicating it’s time to clean. Grease and food solids that accumulate in the trap lead to a foul odor, and sinks take longer to drain.

GE Biofuel offers preventative maintenance and grease pumping in Spartanburg, SC,  for commercial and residential kitchens. We offer comprehensive experience with kitchens, including ranges, fryers, griddles and grills, grease traps, and grease interceptors. 

Our team of professionals is qualified to assist you with all your grease management needs, including proper care for your grease gravity device. You can expect the highest quality industry service and competitive pricing when you choose GE Biofuel.  

Importance of having a grease trap service

Restaurant owners or employees know that fat, oil, and grease go down the drains. To prevent clogs all sewage systems in restaurants have grease traps that capture these elements to prevent clogging. Grease interceptors should, however, be maintained regularly to provide various benefits.

Prevents buildup

Fat, oil, and grease buildup in the grease trap can cause the system to clog, resulting in reduced efficiency. Grease trap pumping in Charlotte, NC, for your restaurant regularly ensures that it remains clean and safe for your customers.

Helps the Environment

In grease traps that are not properly cleaned, the FOG can seep into the water lines and travel to the local water supply if the grease trap is not properly cleaned. Not only is grease in the water supply disgusting, but it has also been proven to be a health hazard.

Ensures your business remains open

Whenever FOG builds up in the grease traps, backups are one of the most common problems. If the interceptor becomes too full, you will have to close your doors while grease pumping in Charlotte, NC, to prevent messes from backflowing. 

What happens when Grease Traps are not serviced regularly?

Unkempt grease traps can make the difference between a flourishing business and rundown one 

The grease trap keeps your wastewater disposal system clean by collecting grease and other fatty wastes for proper disposal. Without routine servicing and removal of grease waste buildup, your building may begin experiencing problems that will only become more serious without treatment as grease waste accumulates in the trap.

The grease trap system can be cleaned yourself, but calling the qualified technicians at GE Biofuel for a professional grease trap service is often easier and safer than doing it yourself. However, before you start routinely grease trap pumping in Spartanburg, sc, you should understand how grease trap pumping works and why keeping it in good working order is so important.

  • Businesses can be negatively affected. 
  • It can have a widespread damaging impact
  • Bacteria and toxins live in it
  • A harmful effect on the environment can be caused 
  • There is a violation of the Health Code

Reasons to Choose Green Energy Biofuel for Grease Pumping.

Our alliance can provide customers with immediate response time and extended service hours. Our expertise in grease pumping in Columbia, SC, provides businesses with fast delivery times and long-term solutions.

GE Biofuel offers a full line of commercial kitchen services such as waste fryer oil removal, grease trap pumping, grease interceptor cleaning, and grease spill cleanup services. The main purpose of our company is to simplify your process and eliminate unnecessary downtime that can lead to higher costs for the company.

Every action we take is aimed at serving our customers. Having our client’s wants and needs at the top of our list drives us forward and has helped us grow with them as a company. We tailor our services to meet their needs now and in the future without compromising other aspects of how they work best as people change their preferences. 

Having the ability to adapt to our client’s needs is what makes us stand out amongst our peers.

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Reasons to Choose Green Energy Biofuel for Grease Pumping.

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