Green Energy Biofuel

Food Waste Depackaging Services

Green Energy Biofuels is making a difference. We offer food waste depackaging services. Our innovative technology-driven solutions create strategies to upcycle oils and organic material, and recycle packaging materials. Our green energy state of the art food waste depackaging system is just one way our company is working to rescue valuable resources for biofuel production, feedstock, and compost soil production. We also recover the packaging materials that are recycled for reuse.  

Industrial food waste negatively impacts our climate, environment and our economy. Estimates from ReFED state over ⅓ of the 229 million tons of food produced goes unused. That’s over 54 million tons of food and packaging that could become a burden on our environment. Some food gets repurposed or recycled. However a huge percentage of unused food and packaging ends up in a landfill.

Serving Small and Large Companies Throughout the Southeast

Green Energy Biofuels offers large and small scale food producers a way to repurpose unused food and packaging. Our zero waste solution technology allows us to partner with some of the largest food producers to divert this waste. 

Food Waste Organics Depackager by Rail

We compost organic waste and separate packaging. Our depackager processes 30 tons of waste per hour, allowing us to handle large volumes of food waste. But more importantly, we are working hard to achieve national and international goals to reduce food waste by 50% by the year 2030.

Our Warrenville plant accepts food waste by rail and truck. GEB’s depackaging process isolates and separates water, sludge and oil. Recovered plastics and cardboard head to the recycling center.  

We Look Forward to Connecting With You! 

Our Green Energy Biofuel Warrenville office is located at: 2110 Main Street Warrenville SC 29851

(803) 718-6323