Green Energy Biofuel

Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville, TN

The Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville TN location is our third services hub for our award winning zero waste solutions company. Our expansion into east Tennessee opens up new territories and service areas. Our motto is Rethinking Sustainability!

Knoxville Service Areas

Our Knoxville, TN plant is our 3rd location. Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville services customers and businesses in the following locations: Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky. We partner with our main plant in Warrenville, SC for used cooking oil collections and industrial cleaning services. 

GEB is an award winning zero waste solution company committed to innovative solutions to waste management.  

Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville Services

Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville Tennessee

Our services at our Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville location include Food Waste Collections, Industrial Cleaning Services and Residential Services.

About Green Energy Biofuel

Food Waste Organics Depackager by Rail

Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville is our first waste management location outside South Carolina. GEB purchased this site, east of the city from Clean Energy Bio Fuel. As our business grows we are able to expand collections in a new market.

With our proprietary processing method and cutting edge technology, we are able to increase used cooking oil collections, maximizing efficiency and reducing hauling waste. This satellite used cooking oils collection facility and waste management services location currently employees up to 10 team members. 

We Look Forward to Connecting With You! 

Our Green Energy Biofuel Knoxville office is located at: 1750 Alcoa Highway Knoxville TN 37920