Meet The Green Energy Biofuel Team

Green Energy Team - Beth Renwick - CFO

Dr. BioBeth Renwick


Company majority owner and medical doctor, Beth splits her time between working in the E.R and on strategic planning for GEB.

Green Energy Team - "BioJoe" Renwick - Founder & Process Engineer

BioJoe Renwick

Head Honcho

Company founder, Bio Joe has dedicated the past 15 years to researching and perfecting biofuel production.

Erika Coman

Organizational Change Manager

With her background in business administration and passion for sustainability, Erika works with BioJoe and Beth, while also managing HR and marketing activities for the company.

Andrew Renaud

Accounting Manager

GEB Locations

Billy Hawkins

Plant Manager (Winnsboro)

Cal McClintic

Plant Operator (Knoxville)

John Wade

Plant Manager (Aiken)

Matt Renwick

Facility Manager (ReSoil)

GEB Sales Team

Taylor Strickland

Industrial Sales & Marketing

Adam Padget

Restaurant Sales & Marketing

Jason Stevens

Restaurant Sales

Cal McClintic

Plant Operator (Knoxville)

Marquez White