Green Energy Biofuel

Industrial Services and Waste Products Processing

Green Energy Biofuel has the unique ability to operate at an industrial level while still retaining the best features of a family-owned business. While we have grown our operations exponentially, our customer service and ability to stay “human” and accessible when you need us, is unwavering and unmatched.

Originally only operating out of our Winnsboro, SC plant, Green Energy Biofuel has grown into 4 locations in two states. We now have the capacity to process 30 tanker loads daily or 200,000 gallons of product each day. Our newest plant even has a private rail spur with the ability to load or offload 5 rail cars at once.

Commercial & Industrial Grease Traps

Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)

Vegetable Oils & Cooking Oil Collection

Animal Fats (Chicken, Beef, Pork)

Spill Clean Up

DAF Cleaning & Service

Wastewater Processing & Disposal

Tank Cleaning & Lockout Services

Organics Composting

Depackaging & Destruction

Servicing South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, & Tennessee

We are currently in open enrollment and are accepting samples for processing contracts to be negotiated or bid on. At GEB, our goal is to subsidize and potentially eliminate disposal costs of your waste streams.

We pay you above average rebates for your higher quality waste products. Additionally, cleaning and collections services costs can be offset through your rebates. Moreover, you will be able to advertise as a proponent of clean energy as we recycle your waste products!

Green Energy Biofuel has a growing fleet of tractor trailers, vacuum tankers, vacuum trucks, vacuum and pressure washing trucks that enable us to service large accounts and maintain 100% service satisfaction. Moreover, we are able to receive as well as send product via rail.