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Reasons You Must Do a Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

folder_openGrease Trap Cleaning, News
The grease trap protects household plumbing from the grease and solids dispensed in kitchen wastewater. Keeping grease traps clean is crucial for a well-functioning kitchen, but paying attention to them can cause severe problems. You may even be required by the state, county, or city regulations if you own or operate a restaurant or business…
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Checklist for Maintaining Grease Traps in Restaurants from Cooking Oil

Maintaining your restaurant’s cleanliness, safety, and smooth operation is one of your top priorities. A business requires a lot of hard work to maintain, including customer relations, staff management, inventory control, and everything else. However, a poorly maintained grease trap can sabotage a business’ growth or cause it to go out of business if it’s…
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Grease Trap Pumping: How Does It Work

folder_openGrease Trap pumping
The grease trap pumping is a wonderful tool that helps keep your establishment smelling great, so your customers will keep coming back again and again. The grease trap is also often the leading cause of restaurant complaints, especially if it is not cleaned regularly. Commercial grease trap pumping in Augusta, GA, can ensure your restaurant…
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Top Reasons to Recycle Used Cooking Oil in Your Restaurant

folder_openCooking oil recycling
Introduction   Cooking oil is one of the most used products in the world. It is absolutely a staple in restaurant kitchens. After the chefs saute or fry the foods, the remaining oil is dumped down the kitchen drain without hesitation. In such cases, you may observe hotels, restaurants, and homes are not practicing safe…
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Why Should You Hire Professionals to Clean Your Grease Traps?

folder_openGrease Trap Cleaning
Grease traps are essential components of restaurant sewer systems that protect the environment and sewage infrastructure from damage and failure from cooking grease waste. Grease causes havoc in drains, individual business sewer lines, and the larger sewer system by causing blockages as it cools and solidifies within the plumbing. This results in an impassable blockage…
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