Green Energy Biofuel
Green Energy Biofuel

Green Energy Biofuel Awarded for Growth and Positive Work Environment in South Carolina

Green Energy Biofuel wins award from SC Biz News. This clean energy company won recognition as the No. 1 High-Growth Small Company in SC.  Co-owners Bio Joe Renwick and Dr. Beth Renwick, along with just a few of their valuable team members attended the Roaring Twenties event hosted by SC Biz News in October 2022.

SC Biz News honorees underwent an analysis of financial statements, to assess financial growth and revenue.  Company size was based on annual gross revenue, with small companies grossing $10 million and under, and large ones more than $10 million. Each category ranked 20 businesses, with Green Energy Biofuel taking first place in the small-business category.

Green Energy Biofuel continues to gain recognition for its growth, meaningful accomplishments, and the business culture that focuses on employee satisfaction.

The company collects used cooking oil (UCO) and other food-industry waste, including solid organics, and processes the material into a clean feedstock for biofuel producers to use in manufacturing biodiesel and renewable diesel.

Green Energy Biofuel continues to grow its' restaurant services, and industrial services.  Currently they have 3 locations.

Green Energy Biofuel’s sister company, ReSoil Compost, converts solid-organic waste into high-quality, nutrient-rich soil amendment for commercial sale.