Green Energy Biofuel
Green Energy Biofuel

Carolina Recycling Association Honors Green Energy Biofuel

Carolina Recycling Association honors Green Energy Biofuel and ReSoil Compost, two South Carolina-based recycling firms. They received CRA’s 2022 Annual Recycling Award for advancing zero-landfill solutions through vertical integration. 

The award honored the companies' significant contributions to the environment and regional economy. Co-owner and founder Joe Renwick accepted the award at the Carolina Recycling Association's annual conference in Myrtle Beach.

Carolina Recycling Association Award

Each year, the CRA honors top performers that advance waste reduction and recycling in the Carolinas. The award categories were consolidated into a general pool and a panel of judges selected the most outstanding nominees to recognize. Green Energy Biofuel and ReSoil Compost were the only private businesses this year throughout all North and South Carolina to receive CRA’s 2022 Annual Recycling Award.

Under the leadership of co-founder and co-owner BioJoe Renwick, Green Energy Biofuel acquired ReSoil Compost—an industrial-scale composting facility in Elgin, South Carolina—early last year and vertically integrated the two businesses to upcycle a growing variety of liquid and solid organic wastes.

Although Renwick and Green Energy Biofuel have been recycling used cooking oil into biodiesel in Winnsboro, South Carolina, since 2008, the company’s growth over the past few years, as well as its acquisition of ReSoil Compost, have significantly enhanced what Renwick and his team can do for large-scale food processors and other waste generators.