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Used Cooking Oil Disposal At Home

Fried turkey, mouth watering meals, and the cold, hard truth about the leftover grease!

How do you dispose of used cooking oil? Many people pour used cooking oil into the trash or down the kitchen sink drain. This might seem like the easiest and the best solution to dispose of used oil, but it creates significant problems for local landfills.  Plus, at home it can lead to clogged drains and expensive pipe repairs. Yikes!

No worries, Green Energy Biofuel supports used cooking oil disposal. 

Fried Food Oil Disposal at Home

Many delicious home cooked meals are fried in cooking oil.  That used cooking oil can be disposed of and recycled into biofuel.  Let’s think about our holiday favorite, the fried turkey. Frying a turkey uses between 4-6 gallons of cooking oil.

Once dinner is over and it’s clean up time the question becomes how do we dispose of used cooking oil? 

Unfortunately, used cooking oil often gets tossed in the trash with food scraps or even down the kitchen drain!  If used cooking oil goes down the drain, it often clogs the plumbing, resulting in costly repairs by a plumber.

The easiest and most environmentally friendly way to dispose of used cooking oil is to drop it off at your local recycling center.

How to Dispose of Cooking Oil: Green Solutions

Recycling your used cooking oil is quick and easy. Once you are done cooking, let the oil cool completely until it is safe to handle. Transfer the oil back into the container it came in or a similar one that can be secured with a lid.

It can be stored until your container is full and then simply dispose of the used cooking oil in the collection bin at your local recycling center. These bins are usually underneath the shelter with clear signage, and the attendant can point you to the specified location. it is very important to use the correct container or you can contaminate the contents and eliminate its ability to be recycled.

Green Energy Biofuel provides free cooking oil recycling to over 70% of the counties in South Carolina, several counties in North Carolina as well as Tennessee. 

Where Can I Dispose of Used Cooking Oil Near Me?

Here is our list of participating counties and their drop off locations for the disposal of used cooking oil. The combined efforts of Green Energy Biofuel recycling programs and environmentally conscious individuals like you kept millions of pounds of kitchen grease out of the local landfills, water systems, and drain pipes. 

This used cooking oil can be sustainably transformed into renewable energy, biodiesel fuel.  Biodiesel fuel  is a cleaner burning fuel, a more eco-friendly fuel source than traditional fossil fuels.

Every time you dispose of your used cooking oil at your local recycling center, know that you are supporting sustainable alternative energy and helping save the world one gallon at a time!