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Green Energy Fuel Co-Owners Discuss their Most Important Resource

Joe and Beth Renwick — Mr. and Dr. — run Green Energy Biofuel, one of the largest companies in the Southeast turning waste from restaurants and industrial food operations into renewable fuel.

In the course of growing the business to four locations and 42 employees, their thinking about HR has changed. After recently doubling in size and preparing to double in revenue, they say that change is for the better.

Here is just an excerpt from their conversation with COLAWhip.

How has your relationship with your staff changed as the company has grown?

Joe: We've been doing this for 15 years, so we've tried every way to manage, run, own and operate a business with other humans. And so, it's been a social experiment. Can we have people over and have some drinks and hang out and just be ourselves, or do we need to separate church and state and really keep everybody at a distance so that we don't break down that barrier and fraternize with the help kind of thing?