Green Energy Biofuel
Recycling Near You Aiken County

A Growing Recycling Business in Aiken County: Green Energy Biofuel

Green Energy Biofuel is a growing recycling business in Aiken County.  Despite rapid growth and expansion of recycling services, some Aiken residents are still unfamiliar with the company which recently was awarded the No.1 High Growth Small Company in SC.

Recycling near me Aiken County

Dede Biles, of the Aiken Standard, S.C. interviews founder and co-owner Joe Renwick to learn more about this clean energy company and its mission.  This article is featured online in Yahoo News.

"For the most part people don't know about us," said co-founder and co-owner Joe Renwick, who was the guest speaker during the Rotary Club of Aiken's meeting Monday at Newberry Hall.

"We're in a quiet corner diligently working away and struggling and toiling, and we're making it."

Read on to learn more about the creative and innovative recycling services offered by Green Energy Biofuel.