Green Energy Biofuel
Green Energy Biofuel

Expanding Biofuel Company Chooses Warrenville for New Headquarters

A new, innovative way to create fuel now has a major base of operations in Aiken County.

Green Energy Biofuel, a home-grown business that collects waste cooking oil and recycles it for biodiesel production, moved its headquarters from Winnsoboro to Warrenville after purchasing a new plant on Main Street in the summer of 2018.

“While we love our Winnsboro roots and will remain active in the community, our Aiken plant has a much larger capacity that can handle our growing customer base and industrial volumes,” said CEO and co-owner Joe Renwick in a press release. 

Biodiesel is an environmentally-friendly alternative to petroleum-based fuel. Waste cooking oil and grease are collected from restaurants, recycling plants and industrial food manufacturers, cleaned and processed and then converted into biodiesel.

Green Energy Biofuel (GEB) took off after establishing its base of operations in Winnsboro. They now ship product to be converted into biodiesel to plants across the Southeast and have a fleet of trucks to assist with transport. Read more via the Post & Courier.