Green Energy Biofuel

Hampton County South Carolina Recycling Centers

Household Recycling

Green Energy Biofuel is dedicated to upcycling waste vegetable oil and cooking oil, providing meaningful work for our employees, creating growth opportunities through the Southeastern United States, and helping the Earth become a cleaner, friendlier place.

Hampton County Recycling Centers we work with:

Hampton Recycling Hours and Information

Ben Hazel: 544 Ben Hazel Road Hampton, SC 29924

Camp Branch: 2955 Stone and Patrick Road Varnville, SC 29944

Early Branch: 1401 Mt Olive Road Early Branch, SC 29916

Garnett: 360 Robertville Road Garnett, SC 29922

Hickory Grove: 9320 Sandy Run Road Hampton, SC 29924

Landfill: 2360 Hopewell Road Brunson, SC 29911

Sandy Run: 1415 Sandy Run Road Hampton, SC 29924

Shirley: 2650 Daley Road Garnett, SC 29922

Two Sisters: 1190 2 Sisters Ferry Road Varnville, SC 29944

Walking Tall: 376 Walking Tall Road Estill, SC 29918

Green Energy Biofuel

Contact your local recycling center to see if they can recycle your grease!

If not, urge them to go green and work with us!