Green Energy Biofuel


Mission Statement

BIO 4 EDU’s mission is to provide exceptional service to the foodservice industry to increase the availability of feedstocks for BIO 4 EDU members while generating unique PR opportunities for our clients as well as revenue and alternative energy education opportunities in local schools.

Background Information

BIO 4 EDU is founded by 5 Biodiesel companies that not only collect waste cooking oil but also produce Biodiesel fuel that is used in the local markets we service. Currently we offer oil collection services and biofuel sales in FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, & VA. Each company in our organization has been in business since the inception of the Biodiesel industry, and collectively we service thousands of restaurants in the Southeast. All of our businesses are founded on the belief that we can sustainably produce biofuel made from waste vegetable oils collected in our respective local communities. By forming the BIO 4 EDU organization, we have targeted large chain and food industry contracts that span the Southeast, while giving our customers a unique way to give back to their local communities by creating jobs and educational opportunities fueled by the waste they generate.

Green Energy Biofuel

The program is simple:

1) We pay restaurants per gallon for oil we collect.
2) We produce biofuel with the collected oil.
3) We pay the local schools or colleges for every gallon we sell.

We create educational opportunities for students to learn about the biofuel industry with grants from the BIO 4 EDU program. We have trained over a thousand of students about the biofuel industry and have donated close to $30,000 in SC alone.

Description of Business (Value Proposition)

BIO 4 EDU is a customer acquisition company with a philanthropic focus. Partner companies will see a benefit in higher oil volumes at a lower cost and community partners will see direct financial benefits through proportional donations based on collections. Most importantly oil collection customers will experience superior service, competitive rebates on oil collected and a direct tie in to the community they service.