Green Energy Biofuel

Edgefield County South Carolina Recycling Centers

Household Recycling

Green Energy Biofuel is dedicated to upcycling waste vegetable oil and cooking oil, providing meaningful work for our employees, creating growth opportunities through the Southeastern United States, and helping the Earth become a cleaner, friendlier place.

Edgefield County Recycling Centers we work with:

Edgefield Recycling Hours and Information

Strom Thurmond, 1225 Columbia Road, Johnston 29832

Georgia Road, 186 Georgia Road, Edgefield 29824

191 Site, 652 Yonce Pond Road, Johnston 29832

378 Site, 540 Highway 378 West, McCormick 29835

Merriwether, 41 Rest Master Lane, North Augusta 29060

430 Site, 1067 Long Cane Road, Edgefield 29824

Trenton, 64 Greenhouse Road, Trenton 29847

25 Site, 2111 Edgefield Road, Trenton 29847

Green Energy Biofuel

Contact your local recycling center to see if they can recycle your grease!

If not, urge them to go green and work with us!