Biodiesel basics & benefits


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By Zack Johnson – GEB Public Relations Coordinator

Bio Joe Renwick’s diesel truck that fueled his dream.

With petroleum supplies shrinking and climate change concerns growing, Green Energy Biofuel would like to provide you with the facts about a perfect solution for these issues. Biodiesel, a domestically produced and renewable fuel, is both a practical and necessary substitute for petroleum diesel fuel.

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions and unknown aspects associated with biofuels, especially biodiesel. One of the most common fallacies about biodiesel is that a consumer would have to spend thousands of dollars on reconstructing their engines to make them compatible with biofuel. Actually, biodiesel requires no modification. In fact, any diesel engine can run on biodiesel with no required modification and with added benefits! In the long run, using biodiesel will actually save you money and repairs.

Diesel engines rely on the lubricity of the fuel to protect the engine components from premature wear and tear. Traditional diesel fuel lacks the impressive lubricity that biodiesel fuel provides to engines. Additionally, biodiesel has been proven to flush out the gunk and harmful fuel additives that petroleum diesel allows settling in engines. Moreover, biodiesel has been known to quiet engines.

From grease to biodiesel fuel!

When Green Energy Biofuel founder and owner, Bio Joe Renwick poured his first homemade batch of biofuel into his recently paid off pickup truck, he recalled his hands “shaking”, unsure if the fuel would make or break his prized vehicle. However, once he heard the traditional loud clanking of a diesel engine running transition into a smoother, quiet idle, he knew that this fuel was going to be perfect. If you’re interested in improving your diesel vehicle’s functionality and longevity, try biodiesel today!

Biodiesel benefits don’t end with your vehicle’s engine, however. With limited domestic petroleum supplies, the U.S has had to rely on foreign oil, resulting in conflict and huge expenses. Biodiesel is a domestically produced fuel that not only improves engine function but creates domestic jobs and reduces reliance on foreign supplies. Companies like Green Energy Biofuel have been highly successful in growing the industry and creating local jobs. In the past two years, we have grown our staff from roughly 10 employees to nearly 40, bringing industry back to the southeast. Biodiesel utilizes domestic fuel sources and a domestic workforce! While we are excited to see the European biodiesel industry growing and to begin global operations,  Green Energy Biofuel is proud to create American products and American jobs.

Biodiesel is also good for the environment! With industrial carbon emissions at extremely high levels, climate change is a very real threat. Petroleum diesel is one of the most common fuels in industrial vehicles and factories and one of the leading producers of carbon emissions. Biodiesel is an environmentally friendly substitute as it produces nearly 80% less harmful carbon emissions than traditional petroleum diesel fuel. Moreover, it can be created by recycling toxic waste products. For example, at Green Energy Biofuel, we collect and recycle fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) to be repurposed in clean biodiesel fuel!

Petroleum diesel fuel is extremely harmful to the environment and has had many famous cases of toxic spills. Biodiesel fuel, on the other hand, is biodegradable, meaning that in the event of a spill, biodiesel will not be harmful to the landscape or the wildlife that inhabits it. In fact, by recycling toxic waste products like used cooking oil, wildlife, precious landscapes and waterways are protected from their harmful chemicals. With all of these benefits, one would be crazy to not encourage the growth of this alternative fuel. Best of all, biodiesel fuel will even make your tailpipe smell like french fries!

Want to learn more about biodiesel benefits and have fun? Come out to our annual TDI Diesel Car and Truck show! Every summer, Green Energy Biofuel hosts this spectacular event at our Winnsboro, SC plant. TDI and diesel enthusiasts from all over the southeast descend on our small town to get together and wrench on their rides! Stay tuned for more information on this summer’s show.

Bio Joe wrenching with other enthusiasts at our 2018 TDI car show