Green Energy Biofuel

Learn About Grease Recycling

Many common home-cooked meals create a lot of left over used cooking oil (UCO). While these meals can be quite tasty, they can also be quite costly. UCO can be harmful to your drainage pipes and to the environment. How can you protect your home and the environment without compromising your favorite meals? It’s easy, just recycle it by following the simple steps below!

  1. Find a sealable container that you can easily pour UCO into (mason jars work well).
  2. Place it in an easy to reach a place for your convenience after cooking.
  3. After cooking, simply pour the UCO into your container, seal it and store for next time.
  4. Repeat until the container is full, then take it to the closest recycling center. Check the list here to find one!
  5. From there, we will collect the UCO and recycle it into clean biofuel!
Green Energy Biofuel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is upcycling?
Upcycling is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, and unwanted products into new materials of better quality or higher environmental value.

Where does the oil come from?
Our oil is collected from hundreds of local restaurants, schools, recycling centers, and food manufacturing facilities. Fryer to collection container to truck.

What do you do with the oil?
The grimy oil is processed at our plant to make a purer product. The oil finds a new purpose as biodiesel or heating fuel.

Why is biodiesel awesome?
Because it is made from a renewable resource! Oil used to cook our food, which in the past was landfilled by the millions of gallons, is collected, purified, then converted into golden delicious biodiesel that can run in any diesel engine without modifications. It burns more efficiently than petroleum diesel, lubricates the engine, cleans out engine particulates, and emits less pollutants than petroleum diesel.

Do you make biodiesel?
Due to the current fuel market and lack of federal tax credits, it no longer makes sense for our small company to produce biodiesel. Most of the oil that we upcycle is sold to a large biodiesel manufacturer.

Why doesn’t the US government support biodiesel and other alternative fuels?
Large oil companies have many subsidies in place that makes their production seem affordable. Oil companies spend millions of dollars lobbying for their continued success. They lack the foresight to imagine how the world will continue to run when the finite stores of petroleum are depleted.