Pumpin' Ain't Easy!

How does it work?

  1. We can collect your grease directly from your collection bin, that we provide free of charge (Collection charges will apply). Alternatively, you can personally deliver your grease to one of our three locations!
  2. We pay you above average rebates for your grease relative to the amount collected, minus waste content (water, solid waste etc.).
  3. You have now not only solved your waste problem, but you’ve made a profit and helped the environment!

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About us:

We all know Pumpin’ Ain’t Easy! And dealing with grease is even harder! Even if you manage to get your grease out, what do you do with it? The traditional option is to call a waste disposal company, but that will cost you a huge sum of money. Green Energy Biofuel is here to provide you with an innovative solution for your grease problem! We will not only help you safely dispose of your pesky grease but we will pay you for it! Why waste money on your waste, when you could get Green for your Grease!

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Ready for an innovative solution for your grease problem?

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Get paid for your grease

For Sale to a Good Home!

Truck for sale
Green Energy - Our Fleet of Trucks - White and Black
Green Energy - Our Fleet of Trucks - Big Greasy
Truck for sale

Do you need a pumper truck or a tractor?

As we expand our fleet, we would like to continue our theme of recycling by selling some of our trucks. If you’re interested in owning a unique truck that helped the Green Energy Biofuel dream grow, call now!

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