Green Energy Biofuel

Orangeburg County South Carolina Recycling Centers

Household Recycling

Green Energy Biofuel is dedicated to upcycling waste vegetable oil and cooking oil, providing meaningful work for our employees, creating growth opportunities through the Southeastern United States, and helping the Earth become a cleaner, friendlier place.

Orangeburg County Recycling Centers we work with:

Orangeburg Recycling Hours and Information

Bowman: 211 Adams Road Bowman, SC 29018

Bozard: 580 Bozard Road Orangeburg, SC 29115

Branchville: 138 Miley Road Branchville, SC 29432

Cope: 866 Sturkie Road Cope, SC 29038

Cordova: 1095 Blewer Road Cordova, SC 29038

Detention Center: 1520 Ellis Avenue Orangeburg, SC 29118

Development Center:1060 Pineland Street Orangeburg, SC 29115

Elloree: 303 Midway Road Elloree, SC 29047

Eutawville: 848 Sandspoint Street Eutawville, SC 29048

Glover: 490 Glover Street Orangeburg, SC 29115

Holly Hill: 185 Big Oaks Drive Holly Hill, SC 29059

Landfill: 310 Endicott Court Orangeburg, SC 29118

Neeses: 278 Neeses Camp Road Neeses, SC 29107

North: 8338 North Road North, SC 29112

North Road: 4028 North Road Orangeburg, SC 29118

Norway: 328 Somerset Drive Norway, SC 29113

Rowesville: 212 Calhoun Street Rowesville, SC 29133

Ruf: 221 Ruf Road Orangeburg, SC 29118

Santee: 7223 Five Chop Road Santee, SC 29142

Sawyerdale: 1380 Ninety Six Road North, SC 29112

Springfield: 330 Skyland Drive Springfield, SC 29146

The Oaks: 3311 Old State Road Santee, SC 29142

Vance: 1803 Branchdale Road Holly Hill, SC 29059

Woodford: 1181 Lightning Hill Road North, SC 29112

Green Energy Biofuel

Contact your local recycling center to see if they can recycle your grease!

If not, urge them to go green and work with us!