Green Energy Biofuel

Saluda County South Carolina Recycling Centers

Household Recycling

Green Energy Biofuel is dedicated to upcycling waste vegetable oil and cooking oil, providing meaningful work for our employees, creating growth opportunities through the Southeastern United States, and helping the Earth become a cleaner, friendlier place.

Saluda County Recycling Centers we work with:

Saluda Recycling Hours and Information

 3313 Columbia Highway, Leesville, SC 29070

816 Batesburg Highway, Saluda, SC 29138

478 Neighbors Road, Ward, SC 29166

1672 Greenwood Highway, Saluda, SC 29138

138 Bethany School House Road, Saluda, SC 29138

106 Albert Smith Road, Batesburg, SC 29006

589 J.Paul Road, Johnston, SC 29832

Green Energy Biofuel

Contact your local recycling center to see if they can recycle your grease!

If not, urge them to go green and work with us!