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Commercial Cooking Oil Collection Near You

In commercial kitchens, cooking oil is a staple, and many food service establishments ensure that they have a constant supply of cooking oil at all times.  This also emphasizes the need for properly used cooking oil recycling in Augusta, GA, from food service establishments.

In restaurants, it is important to properly dispose of used cooking oil because it is harmful to the natural environment if improperly disposed of.  Cooking oil should never be washed down the drain as the oil solidifies and clogs the system.  Once it makes its way into the sewer system, it can also cause damage.  Your establishment could face hefty fines if it violates these laws by disposing of cooking oil this way.

With GE Biofuel’s cooking oil recycling in Charlotte, NC, used oil can be safely removed from storage containers and transported to a plant where it can be recycled as biofuel and agricultural feed. Working with a professional for used cooking oil pickup and recycling ensures proper cooking oil disposal. We can arrange regular pickups to recycle cooking oil and monitor storage containers equipped with sensors to ensure the used cooking oil is picked up before it fills up.

Some Oils That We Collect

Commercial kitchens and food manufacturing processes produce grease and oil as byproducts. The disposal of large amounts of cooking oils should not be done down the drain. The Green Energy Biofuel Corporation offers a reliable solution to businesses that use vegetable oil, fryer oil, and cooking oil in the kitchen.

Our cooking oil recycling in rock hill, SC services, enable you to profit financially and ensure that the following by-products are repurposed effectively.

Used Cooking Oil Emulsions and DAF Sludge
  • Commercial & industrial grease traps
  • Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Used Cooking Oil
  • Animal Fats (Chicken, Beef, Pork)
  • DAF Sludge
  • Emulsions
  • Wastewater with high FOG
  • Organics Composting


Choose Green Energy Biofuel for your Cooking Oil Collection

Stay in compliance and see the benefits at your business by trusting Green Energy Biofuel with your cooking oil collection.

Reputation and Image Enhancement

The process of recycling and repurposing cooking oils will be simple and seamless for you. For example, by-products of animal fat can be used to manufacture soap and animal feed.

Our mission is to reduce our carbon footprint using renewable energy, computerized routing, and collecting cooking oil to make biodiesel.

Oils that Green Energy Biofuel Collects

Financial Perks

It is common for businesses to simply throw vegetable oil down the drain in order to save money. GE Biofuel can help you reap the financial benefits of cooking oil recycling in Spartanburg, SC if you work towards improving the environment with trustworthy and reliable oil recycling companies.

Peace of Mind

There is a growing movement among companies to protect the environment as much as possible. By partnering with GE Biofuel, you can take comfort in the knowledge that the used oils are being disposed of or recycled in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective manner, ensuring that the environment and their bottom line are protected.