Green Energy Biofuel

Our Mission

At Green Energy Biofuel we add value to our customers and communities by efficiently upcycling waste streams.

Green Energy Biofuel

Re-Soil Composting

ReSoil envisions a future where sustainability is a mainstay of agriculture, consumerism, food production and supply.

“We gladly accept food scraps from regional haulers as well as Columbia-area restaurants, schools, hospitals and government offices.”

Causes we support:

American Lung Association

“We are focused on defeating lung cancer, creating a tobacco-free future, championing clean air for all and improving the quality of life for those with lung disease and their families.”

Green Energy Biofuel


Paceline is a movement of communities and organizations striving toward a common goal: to cure cancer faster.

Green Energy Biofuel


Educational program dedicated to biofuel education.

Green Energy Biofuel