Bio4Edu Interns Spring 2020, Part 1

Marketing Team 

University of South Carolina, Georgia Mayes, Nichole Jacildone, and Kiersten Chiles

GEB 2020 Marketing InternsWith Green Energy Biofuel growing as a company, so is the need for continuous changes and updates to programs and events that are offered. The Spring 2020 social media team consisted of three students from the University of South Carolina who combined their different talents and backgrounds in order to help update website pages and grow the Bio4Edu program. This team includes junior Environmental Science major, Georgia Mayes, senior Environmental Science major Nichole Jacildone, and senior Public Health major Kiersten Chiles.

GEB has always had a passion for helping kids get excited about going green, which is why Bio4Edu was created and continues to evolve constantly. This team focused on updating the Bio4Edu webpage and gathering information to help showcase all that GEB has done for education, and is continuing to do. Not only did these interns learn more about the ins-and-outs of making biofuel, but they were also able to gain professional skills working alongside each other under the direction of Erika Coman.