Green Energy featured in Biodiesel Magazine


Biodiesel Magazine features Green Energy Biofuel yet again!

Green Energy has been featured in Biodiesel Magazine a number of times over the years, and once again you can read about our growth and expansion in a new article published yesterday! We want to thank Ron Kotrba for not only writing the article but for taking the time to get to know us and spread our vision. To read the articles previously published in Biodiesel Magazine about us over the years, click the links below.
Article by Ron Kotrba:

Winnsboro, South Carolina-based Green Energy Biofuel, formerly known as Midlands Biofuels, has acquired an idle 40 MMgy biodiesel plant in Warrenville, South Carolina. After significant investment reworking the former Green Valley Biofuel plant in Warrenville, Green Energy Biofuel founder and co-owner “Bio” Joe Renwick is preparing to start operations at the facility, which has been renamed GEB3.

The company’s flagship plant is a 300,000-gallon biodiesel production facility in Winnsboro, South Carolina, which Renwick and his partners built from scratch 10 years ago. As the years passed and biodiesel markets fluctuated, Renwick honed and expanded his feedstock collection services and began focusing on selling high-quality feedstock to other biodiesel producers. Nearly four years ago, Renwick expanded his feedstock operations to a site in Knoxville on the University of Tennessee campus.

“We officially changed our name from Midlands Biofuels to Green Energy Biofuel in 2016,” Renwick said. “The change came as a result of our plant opening in Knoxville, […] continue reading.


2 SC firms to celebrate Nat’l Bioenergy Day via new collaboration, By Midlands Biofuels:

ATP-SC LLC and Midlands Biofuels jointly announced an innovative collaboration to grow biocrops, produce, sell and utilize solid and liquid biofuels, and to expand the state’s bioeconomy, starting in Allendale, S.C., and expanding across the state.

This announcement is made in anticipation of National Bioenergy Day, which provides an opportunity to showcase bioenergy facilities and the bioenergy supply chain around the U.S. The U.S. Department of Energy will celebrate National Bioenergy Day with an educational display about the bioenergy supply chain and the bioeconomy in the lobby of the energy department’s Forrestal building in downtown Washington, D.C., […] continue reading.


A Biodiesel Family Affair, By Ron Kotrba :

What do an emergency room medical doctor, gardening and a community-scale biodiesel plant have in common? The answer is “Bio” Beth Renwick, majority owner of Midlands Biofuels in Winnsboro, S.C. With production capacity less than 1 MMgy, big things are always happening at this small biodiesel processing facility in the Southeast. When the business started in 2008, Beth’s role was simply an investor—an investor in her husband “Bio” Joe Renwick’s 50/50 joint venture with former co-owner Brandon Spence.

“After Brandon and Joe parted ways in February 2013, we had many conversations and looked outwardly for other partners, investor, and loans,” Beth says. “After the split, I assumed the role that Brandon’s wife, Becky, had performed—billing, invoicing, payroll, tax filings and anything that needed doing. As the inner workings of the business became clear, Joe and I were able to brainstorm together about all aspects of the company. Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you, […] continue reading.