GEB awarded Biomass Project of the Year


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The new Green Energy plant in Aiken has been named the Biomass Project of the Year!!!

The South Carolina Biomass Council announced the winners of the 2nd annual awards for SC Biomass Advocate of the Year and SC Biomass Project of the Year 2018. The South Carolina Biomass Council (SCBC) was established in 2006 with the goal to develop a long-term strategy to make biomass energy a feasible alternative to traditional power generation and transportation fuels. The council seeks out companies that not only actively participate in the biomass industry, but help bring focus and support to it, through hard, honest work.

Green Energy Biofuel was awarded the SC Biomass Project of the Year 2018 as a result of our expansion with our new plant in Aiken County, South Carolina! Through our humble beginnings, community involvement and success, despite industry obstacles, we were able to stand out to the SCBC.

BioJoe gives a tour of Aiken plant

Founded by Joe and Beth Renwick, Green Energy Biofuel (formerly Midlands Biofuels) began its operation in 2008 in Winnsboro, South Carolina. During the past 10 years, the company has recycled millions of gallons of used cooking oil (UCO), fueling biodiesel production in South Carolina and creating sustainable local jobs.

In 2018 Green Energy Biofuel purchased a new plant in Aiken County, South Carolina. The new facility which is over ten times larger than the Winnsboro plant is currently under renovation and will begin operations in the fall of 2018. Local officials and media visited the plant during Clean Energy Week and witnessed the potential for growth.

With the addition of the new plant, Green Energy Biofuel projects exponential growth in both production and in staff (over 40 employees within the next 5 years). Originally, the company started with two employees and now has 26 and counting! Visit our website and send your resume if you are interested in joining the team!

Moreover, after the opening of the new plant, Green Energy Biofuel will be able to recycle more than 60,000,000 gallons of used cooking oil annually and produce 300,000 gallons of biodiesel and other recycled products. With the Aiken plant’s immense production capacity, Green Energy Biofuel will be significantly increasing its effect on the biomass industry not only in South Carolina but across the whole southeast.

Green Energy Loves Giving Back to Our Community!

In addition to actually producing biodiesel and refining oil for biofuel, we have brought significant attention to the industry! Green Energy Biofuel has an educational campaign dubbed “Bio4Edu” which creates opportunities for students in the South East to learn about the biofuel industry and sustainable recycling practices.

In addition, the company also provides internships and has donated over $30,000 back to schools in South Carolina alone. Programs such as Bio4Edu help shed light on the importance of biomass as well as assist in opening a dialogue about sustainable business models.

Green Energy Biofuel is extremely proud to be the recipient of this prestigious award. We would like to thank all those that have supported us along the way and can’t wait to see where it takes us! One thing for sure is that we’ll be #MakinFuelBaby! Stay tuned for more updates!