National Clean Energy Week in South Carolina

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National Clean Energy Week in South Carolina

This week the whole nation was talking about clean energy initiatives and how they can benefit both our environment and economy. Thanks to Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions and Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition, who took the initiative to bring citizens, business owners, and politicians together to talk about the future of the energy industry in the U.S. by ensuring that the National Clean Energy Week events reached the southeast! This includes the discussion forum hosted in Columbia, SC as well as on-site visits from government representatives to sustainable businesses. Representative Ralph Norman visited our Winnsboro, SC plant in anticipation of this week, you can read more about the visit here.

On Wednesday (26 September 2018), Green Energy Biofuel participated in the discussion – Clean Energy in South Carolina, where some of the brightest minds in the state discussed industry and environmental issues.

BioJoe Renwick, founder, and co-owner of Green Energy Biofuel was invited to the Clean Energy in South Carolina discussion forum held at the Vista Room in the capital city of Columbia. The invitation came as a result of Green Energy Biofuel’s recognition as a competitive, sustainable business that has overcome industry odds.

The forum began with a panel of state legislators and clean energy industry executives discussing the current issues at hand in the industry as well as their objectives for South Carolina’s role. During this panel, BioJoe was introduced and asked to discuss his role in promoting clean energy through Green Energy Biofuel. The representatives also asked Joe to explain the video of himself and Rep. Norman taking a shot of biodiesel!

Moreover, BioJoe shared his story of struggling to open a family-owned biofuel business in an unsupported industry as well the perseverance and ingenuity that has led to success despite these obstacles. In addition to speaking on this important platform, BioJoe was able to connect with legislators and share his vision on industry improvements. Click the link to watch Bio Joe’s speech.

The same day, Biodiesel Magazine published yet another article about our success in the clean energy industry. The article explores our expansion to the third plant in Aiken and growing processing power, moreover, it honors our owner Beth Renwick, who was nominated as Women of Influence 2018. Please follow the link to read the full article.

BioJoe gives a tour of Aiken plant

On Thursday (27 September 2018), a number of local officials, including Ronnie Young, who is Aiken county’s House Representative, Martha Ruthven of team Congressman Joe Wilson, Aiken Council Member Phil Napier, Hugh Sharp of Quality Plus Services and Aiken County Economic Development Partnership CEO Will Williams, visited our new plant in Aiken, SC as part of National Clean Energy Week. The officials were greeted by CEO BioJoe Renwick and COO Matt Osteen, who join the company in June as the result of our exponential growth.

After a brief explanation of the company’s history, the group was given a tour of the plant by Joe during which he explained how the facility’s massive size will increase our production exponentially. Joe was then interviewed by News 12 NBC 26, in which he was able to explain the new plant’s projected positive impact on the Aiken area.

We want to thank everyone who visited our plants in Winnsboro and Aiken, as well as the participants in the discussion in Columbia. A growing community of unified voices of support for clean energy is the right path to take for our state and the whole country.