Congressman Ralph Norman visits Green Energy plant in Winnsboro, SC!


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Rep. Norman of South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District visited Green Energy Biofuel headquarters in Winnsboro, SC this week! The Congressman, who is a native South Carolinian, took a unique interest in our company because of our foundation as a sustainable South Carolina business.

Rep. Norman, BioJoe and Beth Renwick

The Congressman’s visit was also in anticipation of National Clean Energy Week which begins September 24th and runs through the 28th. Not only does this week provide a spotlight for clean energy practices on a national scale, but also highlights the impact and success of local sustainable businesses such as Green Energy Biofuel.

National Clean Energy week presents the unique opportunity for all citizens to not only learn about sustainable practices and initiatives but also actively voice their opinion. For those in the Columbia, SC area, you have an opportunity to attend a discussion forum organized by CRES and PCSC on September 26th.

Congressman Norman was greeted by owners BioJoe and Beth Renwick as well as Plant Manager Jack Sidlo and his Winnsboro team. After introductions and refreshments, the visiting group was given proper safety attire and proceeded to the production area of the plant. During the plant tour, BioJoe shared the hardships of the Biodiesel industry with Rep. Norman, as well as the determination that fueled him through the grueling years to get Green Energy Biofuel not only operational but majorly successful.

Rep. Norman was extremely enthusiastic about The Renwicks ingenuity and praised their commitment to promoting clean energy resources in the local community. The highlight of the day was when BioJoe and Rep. Norman actually took a shot of biodiesel to demonstrate it’s safety and low environmental impact (watch below). To learn more about our company and biodiesel as well as its environmental benefits, click here.