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Biomass Awards Ceremony Held at GEB3

Bio Joe speaks to the ceremony attendees about GEB’s history Earlier this fall, the South Carolina Biomass Council announced that Green Energy Biofuel was the recipient of their 2018 Biomass Project of the Year Award. Green Energy Biofuel was selected for this prestigious award in recognition of our new plant “GEB3” in Aiken County, SC. Today,…

Good Turkeys Go Green, a Thanksgiving PSA!

Its that time of year again! Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate with delicious food! As you cook those tasty turkeys, it is important to remember that with those fantastic feasts comes a costly dilemma: what to do with all that grease?! Image above shows a pipe clogged by grease! Remember how your Mom always…

National Clean Energy Week in South Carolina

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National Clean Energy Week in South Carolina This week the whole nation was talking about clean energy initiatives and how they can benefit both our environment and economy. Thanks to Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions and Palmetto Conservative Solar Coalition, who took the initiative to bring citizens, business owners, and politicians together to talk about the future…