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Covid-19 Prevention Action Plan

March 17, 2020 Dear Valued Customer, As the Covid-19 situation is evolving, we would like to update you with the latest information on Green Energy Biofuel’s plans and activities to manage this situation. Our highest priorities are to protect our employees, their families, and continue to serve our customers. We remain dedicated to serving you…

Hat and free bumper sticker

Pink Hats – $25 * the extra $5 supports Breast Cancer Research * Yellow Hats – $20 *price includes shipping Delivery Options Pink/Grey $25.00 USDGreen/Yellow $20.00 USD

Biodiesel by Mail

5 Gallon Container $42 plus shipping and handling Also available by mail or personal delivery: 55 gallon drums and 300 gallon totes. Please contact us for price. 5 Gallons By Mail $75.00 USD